Give us the jobs you promised us, Yamoransa youth to MCE and MP


The youth of Yamoransa in the Mfantseman constituency have made strong demands from their Municipal Chief Executive Kenneth Kelly Essuman and the Member of Parliament Ekow Kwansa Hayford to fulfill promised made to them by providing them employment opportunities. They these demands at a town hall meeting where the Municipal Chief Executive and the Member of Parliament met the community to take their questions and also to explain to them what central government is doing to better their lives.

The Municipal Chief Executive for Mfantseman Municipal Assembly Kenneth Kelly Essuman is begging youth of Yamoransa not to wash their dirty linen in public. According to him, some of the demands they made in public at the town hall meetings are issues that should have been discussed indoors with New Patriotic Party executives. Kenneth Kelly Essuman has assured the people of Yamoransa that government has not forgotten about them.

The Member of Parliament for Mfantseman Constituency Ekow Kwansa Hayford in responding to the demands of the youth enumerated jobs opportunity they have provided to some of the youth in Yamoransa. The Member of Parliament mentioned NABCO, Community Police, Ghana National Fire Service and Ghana Police Services. The MP said, even the courage to withstand in the front of Yamoransa community to give them the opportunity to ask him of his stewardship is great achievement under his leadership. According to him, none of his predecessors have been able offer the community such opportunities.




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