Men, don’t only be interested in sucking ur wife’s breast-Kwamena Duncan


Central Regional Minister Kwamena Duncan is urging men not only to be interested in sucking their wives breast but whiles doing it, they should use their mouth to search if there is any lump in the breast. This is to enable them encourage women with lumps in their breast to seek early treatment to prevent developing into breast cancer. He made the appeal when Breast Care International Ghana launched 2019 walk for the cure campaign in the Cape Coast. The walk is under the theme: “Early Detection Is The Best Protection”, will take place on 12th October, 2019 starting from Jubilee Park through the principal streets in Cape Coast Metropolis to Robert Mensah Sports Stadium. The Regional Minister is calling on citizens in the region to come out in their numbers to do the walk to create awareness of the disease.

The President of Breast Care International Ghana, Dr. Mrs. Beatrice Wiafe Addai said Ghana ranks tenth in terms of breast cancer cases in Africa. According to her, 2006 women were diagnosed of breast cancer in 2010 whiles the figure rose to 4642 which is an indication of upward growth of breast cancer cases which needs to be addressed. Breast Care International Ghana is still conducting research to collate regional data on the breast cancer in the country. She is urging the public especially women to be on the lookout for the smallest lumps in their breast so they can seek early treatment. Dr. Mrs. Beatrice Wiafe Addai said before breast cancer patients get to their facility for treatment, the disease is always at it acute stage making treatment difficult or the only option is to cut off the breast. This is what they want to prevent so early detection and treatment is the best way to go.

Breast cancer ambassador evergreen musician Akosua Agyapong she gladly accepted to be the breast cancer ambassador because her mother died out of breast cancer at early age leaving them behind. She doesn’t want any woman to die early out of breast cancer leaving their children behind to suffer that is the reason she has accepted the ambassadorial role to use her music to create awareness on the disease. She is encouraging Ghanaians to take breast cancer issues serious to prevent women losing their lives to the disease.




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