NPP should wake up


The mantra being used by some party members that the alternative is scary should even be a wake up call.
Who determines what is scary? Is it the party member who at all cost will vote for NPP irrespective of the bad deals/happenings or the floating voter who observes and listens to messages and considers manifestos of parties before casting his/ her vote?

The new slogan being used is sickening. 2008, we said same the alternative was scary but at the end we lost to NDC. We hardly heard of corruption except those fake ones like the NDC printing some fake accounts for appointees then and the gold bar saga…even that, with the massive transformation and success achieved by the NPP government then, we still lost the general elections.

We should not think we still have the 1 million vote margin somewhere so appointees will continue disgracing the party.
One wonders, if we are in our second term and that we are likely to lose the election, thus, people ought to grab what they can.
Some appointees have become so selfish, greedy, and self-thinking.
The Nana Addo government is seriously performing in terms of social interventions, policies and making the economy more resilient but some appointees are making the work difficult for the grassroots. The insults from some appointees even to the grassroots, as tho they [grassroots] don’t matter will push the party to opposition.
Now, we can hardly defend the party and the government on issue of corruption.
All the noise we made about past officials under NDC is all but nothing…they still are walking freely (Dzifa Attivor).

Some of our appointees have equally joined in that direction misusing state resources anyhow.
We should not be making noise of the alternative as being scary but let our appointees do the right thing and l tell you NPP will rule Ghana for long.
As l said earlier, it is not about free S.H.S. and other projects that will let us win 2020 and beyond but how we conduct ourselves as a party, how we handle alleged corruption issues, how appointees relate to grassroots, how we respect the people who gave us the mandate, how we serve the people who power resides with.
Whiles stressing on the need for appointees to up their game, l will also wish to appreciate the good works of these appointees, the deputy minister for education (General Education) Hon. Dr Yaw Adutwum, most parents are grateful for his deeper understanding of issues and explanation of issues related in Education and the Ag. Deputy Director of Education Dr Kwabena Tandoh for his role in making free SHS more accessible to students.
Another appointee we will not forget is the minister of Energy Hon. Peter Amewu, on how he handles issues in the energy sector.

Mr President, we have always been beside you and will continue to support your vision but please it is time to punish and sacrifice whoever falters. We cannot allow some appointees to be dragging us back witsloganing of state funds as alleged in the media.
The people who we refer to as the floating voters most of them are always on social media and can read whatever is happening.
The NDC as a party has no message for Ghanaians but let us not be happy with just that and work harder to retain the seat for long.
Let us not tickle ourselves with the slogan: ‘ THE ALTERNATIVE IS SCARY’

Long live Ghana
Atoquaye-Quaye Samuel




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