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Behold Thy Mother Ministries to support fistula patients


The Parish Priest of Saint Edward Catholic,  Jukwa and the founder of the Behold Thy Mother Ministries, Rev. Fr. David Obeng Paintsil has pledge to support mothers who have developed labour related health complications such as fistula and others by taking care of their medical bills. According to him, a number of pregnant mothers have developed labour complications such as fistula and others which has affected their lives. Several mothers who have been rendered fistula patients are neglected by their husbands and relations making life difficult for them and their children. They are not in a position to meet their medical expenses besides the psychological trauma they go through. Behold Thy Mother Ministries has pledged to support such persons especially fistula patients to bring them relief and comfort. Fr. Paintsil made the pledge on behalf of the Ministry when they feted mothers at Abrafo Odumase in the Central Region on mother’s day eve.

Rev. Fr. David Obeng Paintsil, explained the criteria used in selecting the  awardees.  According to him, names of awardees were picked by neighbours  of the community and submitted to a team of expect for further assessment and evaluation. One thing that ran common in the lives of the awardees was their willingness to support lives of other children outside their own biological children. They fed, cloth and put those children through education to better their lives.

Rev. Fr. David Obeng Paintsil further explained that, the annual program is to show appreciation to all mothers who have gone the extra mile to place their children’s welfare ahead of their personal welfare to better the lives of those children.  According to him, Behold Thy Mother Ministries recognizes this as greatest divine  motherly care a mother can give to her children. It is undeniable fact that, such mothers are the backbone of our societies. Behold Thy Mother Ministries also sees the program as a motivating factor for the youth especially young ladies in our societies to emulates the good and hard works of those devoted awardees.

Some of the awardees who spoke to Ghanabanews.com couldn’t hide their joy as they were recognized by Behold Thy Mother Ministries for their commitment and meritorious motherly services they gave their children. They also used the opportunity to share some of the challenges they went through in their marriages yet remained resolute and kept faith that the children will one day put smiles on their faces. Almost those who spoke to our news team didn’t regret the commitment and helped they extended to the children who passed through their hands. They appealed to the general public especially step mothers and those living with children from other parents as their own.

An awardee who is married for over fifty years who also spoke to  Ghanabanews.com made passionate appeal to couples to remain focus, committed and faithful in their marriages in times of difficulties. She said challenges in marriage should not compel them to run to ask for divorce.

The queen mother of Abrafo Odumase , Nana Wereko Ampem expressed gratitude to Rev. Fr. Paintsil for hosting citizens of her traditional area. She urged those who witnessed the program especially the youth to learn from how faithful the awardees have been in their marriages. She was of the firm believed that, several talks that was given will have positive impact in the lives of the youth of Abrafo Odumase.

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