Home General News Blame authorities for Adenta road carnage-Most Rev Prof Asante

Blame authorities for Adenta road carnage-Most Rev Prof Asante


The Chairman for National Peace Council, Most Rev. Prof Emmanuel Asante has expressed his displeasure about negligence of duty on the part of authorities. Most Rev. Prof Emmanuel Asante speaking about  Adenta-Medina road carnage in an interview with www.ghanabanews.com at the 60th anniversary climax of the Church of Christ Spiritual Movement at Cape Coast, where he attributed the burning of car tires by the youth to the  failure of authorities to fix the foot bridges on the Adenta-Medina road leading to several lost of lives. Most Rev. Prof Emmanuel Asante has called on political leaders who have been entrusted with responsibilities to live up their duties to move the development of the country forward. They should not abandon their responsibilities for the citizens to start agitations before they wake up to their task.

He also appealed to the youth not take things to heart to destroy state properties to drive their demands home. The youth are justify to register their protest to draw government attention to their plight but this should not lead to destruction of national properties. According to Most Rev. Asante, if seventy percent (70%)  of Ghanaians proclaim  Christianity and live by our faith, Ghana should not be where we are now. The chairman for National Peace Council is urging citizens to learn from the founder of Church of Christ Spiritual Movement, Prophet John Mensah, a mechanic who received the call of God and laid down his entire life down for the true gospel of God. He gave the admonishment when he joined the church to climax their sixth (60th) anniversary at the Cape Coast.

Most Rev. Prof Emmanuel Asante used the occasion to admonish Ghanaians especially those who visit men of God for spiritual directions to be mindful of those they visit for such directions. According to him, the recent practice where men of God give out lotto numbers and also conjure or do money doubling for their church members are not Godly practices. Rev. Prof Emmanuel Asante has said the practice is not from God. Ghanaians especially church members who want to invest their funds should pray to God for heavenly directions about how to invest their funds rather than resorting to such so called men of God. 

The National Apostolic head of the Church of Christ Spiritual Movement, Most Rev. Ing. Dr. Dan Markin on his part appealed to Ghanaians to rally their resources and prayers behind government to move the country forward. We should join forces to support government to succeed rather than to wish for government failure. If government fails, it will affect all of us, whiles if he succeeds and another government takes over, that government will not suffer so much but instead will continue the good works of his predecessor. He concluded by reminding church members to be mindful of what is happening in our churches where some men of God are using occult spirits to perform various forms of miracles in their churches.

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