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Help us get back our water, Kawonsrew chief to Mfantseman MP


The chief of Kawonsrew, a farming community in the Mfantseman Municipality in the Central Region, Nana Okru VII has called on the Member of Parliament for the area, Ekow Kwansah Hayford to do everything possible to get them potable water. Nana Okru VII said they requested for potable water from the Mfantseman Municipal Assembly where they were promised that, computer has accepted their request but several years now, they have not seen the water. According to Nana Okru VII, wherever the computer has taking the water to, the MP should look for it and bring back their water. The only bore hole in the community keeps developing fault and above all is not able to produce enough water to meet the demands of the people. He also requested for a community center from the Member of Parliament. If the MP is able to do their request for them, he pledged the community’s total support to the Member of Parliament. The chief made the appeal on behalf of the people when the Member of Parliament commissioned a toilet facility they requested for the community.

The Member of Parliament has assured the people that, he will do everything possible to look for the computer that has taking their water away. There are one hundred and sixty-four communities in the Mfantseman Constituency with varied needs which he is tackling one at a time. The MP told the community to rest assures that they will surely get their needs just as he has been able to provide their toilet facility for them.



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