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Cape Coast North NPP to undertake “One Electoral Area, One Business”


The Cape Coast North Constituency First Vice Chairman for the ruling New Patriotic Party, Hon Kwesi Sagoe, has pledged to establish small scale businesses in all the electoral areas in the Cape Coast North Constituency if he is given the mandate to become the chairman to lead the Cape Coast North constituency. He said his intention is to replicate one district, one factory concept in the electoral areas dubbed: “One Electoral Area, One Business”. According to Hon Kwesi Sagoe, it should be possible for the party to establish small scale businesses across all the electoral areas to be managed by the polling station and electoral area executives. He said if given the mandate, this policy will be initiated within one year of his stewardship. The move is to create jobs for the teaming unemployed youth of the party at the grassroots level whiles waiting for a bigger opportunity at the national level. He made this intention known the delegates when he met all the delegates in the Cape Coast North Constituency at the West African Examination Council hall.

Hon Sagoe touched on lack of information dissemination as a major negative hindrances which made campaigning very difficult for them in election 2016. He said, if you are not part of a particular group, it was very difficult to have full briefing of what exactly the party is doing.He said if resources are being brought from the national headquarters, its only few people who become knowledge about it. He promised that, every single individual will be involved in scheme of affairs under his chairmanship to make things easier for the party.

Hon Kwesi Sagoe identify disunity as another major hindrance which did not work well for the forward matching of the party. He said 2016 campaign was divided into three camps which made it very difficult for several party officials and members to work comfortably with all these various camps. He cited himself and Mr. Ebo Sarbah as the only party executives was able to work with all the various camps in the party.

Some of the delegates who spoke to www.ghanabanews.com Sorkpor Kafui Justice said they are no longer going to take whatever the contestants will tell them but they want concrete evidence of prove that they can do what they are saying before they give them the mandate to lead the constituency. They cited their inability to help some of the unemployed youth of the party to get enlisted into the various security agencies to back their stand.


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