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Another “Jamra Disaster” to hits Kormantse Hasowodze M/A Basic School


Kormantse Number 2 chief fisherman Nana Egya Afful and the entire community are giving government two months to re-roof Kormantse Hasowodze M/A Basic School else he will close down the school. The unfortunate aspect of the school in question is being headed by former headmaster of Breman Methodist School, Mr. Jacob Amissah, which collapsed and killed six pupils.  Being guided by that incident, his effort to get a Carpenter to do something about the structure, also resulted in   into disaster where the Carpenter fell from the building making it difficult for other carpenters to work on the building since all the woods supporting the roof are rotten. According to Nana Egya Afful, they have written several letters to all those who matters but nothing has come out of it. They have even suggested that they want to give government their premix proceeds to fix the school but they not received any positive result and they will not wait for Jamra disaster to occur

Some of the school children share the plight with our Central Regional Correspondent Sorkpor Kafui Justice by telling him they are not able to hold classes anytime it rains since the entire roof leaks like it never had roof  at all. One of the kid painted the ordeal the class four madam  had to go through before she could teach them. According to him, class four madam had to stand in the sun to write on the board for them to copy. They are  appealing to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to come and fix the problem for them. They praised President for the introduction of the free shs but they can’t benefit if their building collapse on them.

Concerned parents of the Kormantse Hasowodze are angry about the neglect of the school. They are not happy that, all attempts to get authorities attention to address the concern have not yielded any positive result. They pointed out that, two schools with similar problems at Saltpond were addressed leaving that of Kormantse Hasowodze M/A Basic School. They are being treated as they are not part of Municipality and Ghana.

The Municipal Chief Executive Kenneth Kelly Essuman said he is aware about the situation. The assembly has taking steps to fix the problem. They will not wait for Jamra disaster to occur at Kormantse Hasowodze M/A Basic School before they take action on it. According to him, the plan is to re-roof the entire structure during Christmas holidays.


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