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Moree tollbooth police guard shot into vehicle for not paying GHC50 Pesewas toll levy


A policeman Constable at a duty checkpoint at Moree Tollbooth has shot into a vehicle for failing to pay a toll levy of fifty pesewas thereby injuring a woman in the vehicle. The eye witnesses at the Moree tollbooth are very angry with the policeman for shooting into the vehicle. Some of them who spoke to Sorkpor Kafui of Adom News have vowed to deal with the Policeman if he is allowed to come and guard the tollbooth.

According to the eye witnesses, they were angry because the police officers who came to the scene when the information got to them only came to pick the police officer leaving the injured woman. They didn’t even boarded to take her to hospital for treatment. They are calling on government and the Police administration to deal with the police officer else, if they allow him to come and guard the tollbooth again, they will also deal with him.

Here is a short video of the victim who sustained broken glass wounds as a result of the gun shot. The lady is angry with the police constable and according to eye witnesses, she was questioning the police as to why he fired at them after the driver had slowed down to park by the roadside.

There are CCTV cameras at the tollbooth yet the Police Constable went ignore the security camera to fire gun at the vehicle.

I spoke to the Police Public Relation Officer, DSP Irene Oppong who confirmed the case. DSP Irene Oppong said the Police Constable fired gun but fortunately there was not bullet wound on any of the passengers. The Police Constable has been detained for further investigations.

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