Home General News Premix fuel is now “hot cocaine” in Apam – Fishermen

Premix fuel is now “hot cocaine” in Apam – Fishermen


Fishermen in Apam in the Central Region have described inadequate supply of premix fuel for their fishing expedition as “hot cocaine” since one has to struggle before they can get a small quantity to go fishing. This is seriously affecting their businesses leading to the collapse fishing industry at Apam. They have also alleged that, when they take delivery of three thousand gallons of premix fuel which is woefully inadequate, one thousand five hundred gallons are shared among the premix committee leaving only one thousand gallons to be sold to over five hundred canoes. The premix committees members of which some do not own canoes turn to sell their share of the fuel at a exorbitant price to the fishermen.  According to them, fishermen at Apam are going through a lot of difficulties due to lack of premix fuel.

According to them, government has not been able to supply them with outboard motors at a subsidize cost for almost two years of his administration. The cost of outboard motors has ballooned to seventeen thousand Cedis of which one has to make down payment over three months before you can get it. Several canoes owners are not working because they can’t get outboard motors to replace their damaged ones. They are appealing to government to come to their aid.

Some of the fisher mongers also added their voice by appealing to government to allow more supply of premix fuel for their husbands to get some for their fishing. They are now helpless because the canoes are now many. They should remove politics from the supply and sales of premix.





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